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What is Internet Marketing? A Day in the Life of an Internet Marketer.

What is an internet marketing specialist and what do they do? The definition of an internet marketer. A video from the team outlining the daily routine of a typical internet marketing business owner.

In this video, I give you information and insight about some of the typical things you would need to learn and do regularly if you were to start your own internet marketing company or be an online marketer for yourself.

This is a real answer to the question… What is internet marketing?

Could also be used as a basic overview on how to do internet marketing and its related tasks such as SEO, web design, blogging, social media, and more.

Video Rating: 4 / 5 – This 31-minute SEO training video teaches you on how to make ,000 a month in only a few weeks as an Internet Marketing Consultant for small businesses.

  1. Malcolm Davis01-06-2015

    Hey, Trent, thanks for the video. I would like to know, how dose Bloging
    and Interent marketing overlap? Thanks once again.

  2. badmojomike01-06-2015

    Thanks for a little dose of the truth! I just came up with this great ideal
    of going into internet marketing just a few month’s ago. Thought I’d be off
    the ground and running by now. Three month’s later just getting past the
    shiny object phase. Wish I would have found more content like this sooner.
    It has been a lot of work so far. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mason Survival01-06-2015

    So basically get the name out there?

  4. GeelongBellarineIM01-06-2015

    Great Video, thanks for outlining the work it takes. One thing I hate is
    when people try to sell IM as easy or get rich quick. Established IM’s can
    make great money, better than 99% of jobs, and they can often do it in very
    reasonable and flexible working hours, but they don’t start there. To get
    to that stage most IM’s need to do a LOT of work (and learning) over a
    significant amount of time. Cheers

  5. TeamAutomation01-06-2015


  6. Inbox Blueprint Review01-06-2015

    Great video loaded with helpful info. Thanks!

  7. Philippine Outsourcers01-06-2015

    spoken like a true internet marketing expert. Thanks for the insight and
    tips, it really helps a whole lot specially to those getting into internet
    marketing, but don’t know where to start yet.

  8. TeamAutomation01-06-2015


  9. Trent Brownrigg01-06-2015

    What is internet marketing and what does an online marketer do?

  10. Master Hughes01-06-2015

    Hey check out my exposing google link shenanigans, I thought every one
    might like to share this. 

  11. Louise Usher01-06-2015

    Thanks for a great video. I’ve enjoyed watching this. Knew most of it but
    it’s taken years to learn it. As you say, there is so much to it! 

  12. Roy Fielding01-06-2015

    Thank You Trent … very good information for folks on the look for what we
    do daily…

  13. seraserafashion01-06-2015

    you look exhausted man!

  14. Jake Pranger01-06-2015

    great video right here. Ive been working on all this stuff too. how long
    have you been in the business?

  15. JOHNATAN VERGARA01-06-2015

    gran aporte, te espero por mi canal, bienvenidos

  16. Richard M. Stevens01-06-2015

    Very informative video about the definition of what internet marketing is
    . Keep up the good work !

  17. Riley Hunter01-06-2015

    Awesome video

  18. Trent BAM Brownrigg01-06-2015

    What a badass! The best internet marketing specialist I have ever met! :)

  19. Vince Mazzie01-06-2015

    Tons of great information..

  20. Ricky Smith01-06-2015

    I found that joining other internet marketers to help guide you and assist
    with your road success is very useful! knowledge is power and these
    successful internet marketers who know what they are doing are POWERFUL.

  21. Tell Your Business01-06-2015

    I love your video! Make sure to check out my channel as well. Thank you for
    the support.

  22. David White01-06-2015

    Really good expose of internet marketing. I often receive questions from
    interested parties on my blog about the day to day reality of the work.
    Unfortunately, I suspect most newbies are expecting a get rich quick scheme
    when in reality it takes a lot of hard work.
    Dave White

  23. B Bortey01-06-2015

    I always heard that term, however, it’s you who gave a clear definition
    what is internet marketing. Good job Trent!

  24. Christina Cook01-06-2015

    Great video about SEO. Good to know for beginners.

  25. Larmondo Gaines01-06-2015

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  26. ThisMoney Chad01-06-2015

    great video

  27. Masrawi Masjuay01-06-2015

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    skill that might not be for everyone. If you’re looking for something pays
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  30. Kevin O'Kane01-06-2015

    I wonder who the presenter was.

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  32. Sibi Varghese01-06-2015

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  33. Jonathan Sweeting01-06-2015

    When did Youtube start allowing spam links in the comment section? Spammers
    paradise Now… Good stuff by the way Roy

  34. freedom4all01-06-2015

    Believe you can and you’re halfway there. –Theodore Roosevelt

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  37. Martin Cech01-06-2015

    I hate an American accent and especially his one is really hard to
    understand what he actually saying [chewing?].. British English is the best
    and the main of the Original language of English.

  38. Robert Nightingale01-06-2015

    Great Stuff Roy… Application = Gratification…

  39. Dillon Etheridge01-06-2015

    british accent sounds like they have socks in their month

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