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Strategic Radiology

(PRWEB) March 11, 2015

Member groups of Strategic Radiology® (SR) have united to develop©, an online patient resource tool designed to educate healthcare consumers regarding the scope of services provided by radiologists, as well as the importance of seeking out a subspecialized radiology group. The program delivers this messaging through real life stories of patients whose lives were changed, and even saved, through the collaborative efforts of a radiologist. Through this unified voice, these radiology groups have created a platform to more effectively educate consumers about the importance of connecting with the right radiologist for their healthcare needs.

“ is a comprehensive program designed to educate consumers about the different types of radiologists and their areas of specialty focus, from diagnostic imaging disciplines, such as neuroradiology and pediatric radiology, to vascular and interventional radiology,” said Arl Van Moore, Jr, MD, FACR, CEO of SR. “Consumers will typically seek out other medical specialties like an orthopedic surgeon or OB/GYN, but they don’t think about the role their radiologist plays in interpreting their diagnostic medical imaging. This campaign is designed to build awareness that radiologists’ skills and their ability to effectively collaborate with their referring physician peers on behalf of patients can make all the difference.” presents details on various diagnostic and interventional radiology procedures in a patient appropriate voice; provides patient information resources such as sample questions, links, and internet search tips; and offers tips for patients to use to maintain control over where their imaging exams are performed and interpreted. The campaign also encourages patients to talk to their primary care physician (PCP) to get an informed opinion in choosing the right radiology group. PCPs can then underscore their knowledge of radiology’s importance in the healthcare spectrum, and provide patients with a greater perspective on their practice’s commitment to keeping them informed and engaged in their healthcare decisions.

“This campaign is a perfect example of SR’s conviction that the sum is greater than the parts. Each of the participating groups, which are geographically dispersed across the US, will be deploying campaign elements in their regional market areas,” said Adam Fogle, SR Marketing Committee Chairman and CEO of Quantum Radiology in Atlanta, GA. “The groups will be working collaboratively throughout 2015 to engage consumers, as well as the healthcare community, in understanding more about the vital role radiologists play in the development of a patient’s care path. We are all very excited about the launch of this program and expect it to grow significantly throughout this year and beyond.”

Campaign elements include a consumer website (, print and digital advertising, direct mail, posters, brochures, flyers, and point of service materials. Each group will utilize these elements in their local markets to begin the process of educating consumers that not all radiologists are the same and that they have a choice in determining who interprets their medical imaging and/or performs an interventional radiology procedure. was created by Strategic Radiology, a national consortium of independent, subspecialized radiology practices, including:

Austin Radiological Association; Austin, TX
Central Illinois Radiology Associates; Peoria, IL
Charlotte Radiology; Charlotte, NC
Diversified Radiology; Denver, CO
Inland Imaging; Spokane, WA
Jefferson Radiology; Hartford, CT
Mountain Medical; Salt Lake City, UT
Northwest Radiology; Indianapolis, IN
Quantum Radiology; Atlanta, GA
Radiant Imaging, Inc.; Pasadena, CA including The Hill Medical Corporation and Arcadia Radiology Medical Group divisions
Radiology Associates of North Texas; Fort Worth, TX
Radiology Associates of South Florida; Miami, FL
Radiology Ltd.; Tucson, AZ
Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates; Columbus, OH
Southwest Diagnostic Imaging and affiliates Scottsdale Medical Imaging and Valley Radiologists; Phoenix, AZ
University Radiology Group; East Brunswick, NJ

The vision for is to create a platform for engaging other radiology industry organizations in advocacy for the profession and future success of the independent radiology group practice model. More information can be found on the My-Radiologist website at

About Strategic Radiology

SR consists of geographically diverse and forward thinking American radiology group practices representing more than 1,300 radiologists. The goal of SR is to achieve higher quality patient care and more cost efficient delivery of medical imaging through an integrated approach of shared data and best practices, interchanging clinical expertise, and consolidating certain practice expenses. More information can be found on the SR website at

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