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Search Engine Marketing Pros FAQ’s


Why should I trust Search Engine Marketing Pros with my Pay Per Click campaign management services and to be my Search Engine Optimization Company?

1. Our goal is to make sure your online ad campaigns are as profitable as possible. That makes everybody happy and you will see the value in our ad management services immediately.

Why do you charge Monthly Management Fees for SEO and Pay-Per-Click?

1. Our knowledge and expertise is guaranteed to save you a ton of money on Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns, reduce your internet marketing costs, and increase your profits with more online leads and sales than ever before.

2. We have to. Our team literally analyzes hundreds of reports each month and has to constantly utilize on-site optimization to update your site behind the scenes in order to make sure you are current with all the major search engines algorithms. Google, Yahoo, and MSN Bing change their requirements all the time. If you don’t keep up, you can easily disappear from the page rankings in a matter of as little as 24-48 hours.

3. By only using white-hat and ethical SEO techniques to hand code your pages, your site will climb in Page Rank quickly and drive more organic search engine traffic.

4. We have thrown in some monthly link building services, search engine submissions, and bonus links to help you grow.

Can I do it myself?

1. The truth is, It’s not a secret and you can probably figure it out. We will give you the passwords and instructions to your account after the initial setup and we can even train you how to use it.  However, if you plan on making your money count and getting the best ROI, you better have a lot of free time to invest in studying hundreds of technology sites that are changing daily and be ready to devote some serious time to tracking your results, updating your landing pages, and editing campagins.

How do you do it?

1. By spending advertising dollars wisely and keeping a close watch on your click to lead conversion and sales ratios.  The better your ratios, the lower you pay per click. Depending on your particular campaig, we can save you thousands per month. We track every click and analyze the data constantly to optimize it for best return on investment.

2. Also, you save with discounts on media buys and online advertising.  We are able to offer these marketing discounts because of the high volume of ad purchase power that we have.

3. We research, suggest, and develop partnerships with many new sources of advertising you may not be utilizing to their fullest capabilities or may not be accessing at all..

4. SEO, link building, and social media optimization will increase your Page Rankings with Google and the major search engines.  You will get more natural traffic and be able to rely less on paying per click or per impression ad campaigns.

5. Hard work and research.

How much of a discount can Search Engine Marketing Pros really get me?

1. The Answer is, “It depends”. We can show how you how to save up to 50% on your internet advertising in some cases.  If you are really serious about SEO and are willing to invest in your Search Engine Optimization, you might be able to reduce your Pay-Per-Click budget to zero one day.

I’m starting a new company or wanting to change my look. How can SEM Pros help me?

Branding and Image Consulting

Our expert team will review, offer advice and design everything from your logo, website, marketing materials, events and online reputation.  We can re-fresh your look or start your company from the ground up.  The way your customers and peers will perceive your company at first contact is critical in determining wether you can convert that user into a customer with repeat business..  For every dollar spent, you have one to chance to make an impression.  Make it count!

If you have an out of date website or an old, tired company look, your competitors will win. By updating your image, you can make sure those advertising budgets are being spent efficiently.  In today’s economy, there is no room for waste.

I want to start an online store with a shopping cart. How do I get started?

With our Ecommerce Website package and Content Management System

Complete E-commerce shopping cart with user friendly amin control panel
Includes: Lead Generator, Design, 1 year Domain Registration, 1 year Basic SEO Hosting with unique IP, 3-5 pictures per page, 1 page of text, 2 links, email account setup, and up to 5 categories and 50 total items in store
Starting at $3,500

Do you have a brick at mortar store and want to get into online retail? Or maybe you want to go straight to online retail and skip the overhead and expenses of brick and mortar? We can set you up with a user friendly admin panel and train you and your employees how to use it.

Do you offer Bulk Email Services?

Yes! We can target your specific demographic by applying hundreds of filters and send anything from 1,000 to 10,000,000 million emails for you.

Is it considered spam?
No, our lists are opt-in only, have unsubscribe features and come from our white-listed servers.

To further discuss custom mail campaigns, contact us for pricing.

Do you have a specific question you would like us to answer?

Contact us with your feedback and perhaps we will post it to save everyone time in the future.

What do you get out of it? The answer to your question and the satisfaction of doing a good deed.


More frequently asked questions coming soon…

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