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Four Color Printing Process Explained

Four Color Printing Process Explained

Learn how four color printing (also known as full color or process printing) is done, and learn more about offset lithography in this informative video and at
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How-to screen printing a multiple color print The process for printing a multiple color job on both dark and white backgrounds is outlined through this series of video. visit our website for all your screen printing supply and training needs. International shipping available.

Quá trình in một công việc nhiều màu trên nền tối và màu trắng được trình bày thông qua loạt bài này của video. truy cập vào trang web của chúng tôi cho tất cả các nguồn cung cấp in ấn màn hình của bạn và nhu cầu đào tạo.Quốc tế vận chuyển có sẵn.

El proceso para la impresión de un trabajo de varios colores sobre fondos oscuros y blancos se describe a través de esta serie de video. visite nuestro sitio web para todos su suministro de impresión de la pantalla y las necesidades de formación. Disponible para envíos internacionales.

กระบวนการสำหรับการพิมพ์งานสีหลายบนพื้นหลังทั้งสีดำและสีขาวจะอธิบายผ่านชุดของวิดีโอนี้ เยี่ยมชมเว็บไซต์ของเราสำหรับทุกอุปทานการพิมพ์ของคุณหน้าจอและความต้องการฝึกอบรม สามารถใช้ได้การขนส่งสินค้าระหว่างประเทศ

Процесс печати нескольких цветов на работу как темный и белый фон описана в этой серии видео. посетите наш веб-сайт для всех экране питания печати и потребностей в обучении. Международная перевозка груза.

  1. 鄭啟佑01-06-2015

    One question: do you cure the inks after one color is printed or after 4
    colors are printed?

  2. Minuteman Press01-06-2015

    Four Color Process Explained #offset #print

  3. Freedom01-06-2015

    Wat was 2up 4up and 8up again???

  4. Stefan Twaine-Wood01-06-2015


  5. unlokia01-06-2015

    Waffle waffle… and no video?

  6. Guna Shekar01-06-2015


  7. Briandrum01-06-2015

    1 more thing…when you back flood, be careful!!!! If you follow these
    directions to the ‘t’ (a good amount of pressure to back flood), your going
    to have to constantly be cleaning off the shirt side of your screen because
    you’re essentially pushing the ink trough the screen, therefore it will
    build up and the edges of the image will lose their crispness….

  8. Thom Stone01-06-2015

    I love the fact there is a tutorial on how to screen print using lots of
    expensive gear, I would think if you already had all this gear you would be
    able to do this blindfolded… or am I wrong

  9. hebidibello01-06-2015

    Hi Ryonet..thanks for this grest video. I heared that there are differents
    (also in using the coulor) between thisrts with dark chlours (black ,navy
    blue etc.) and white tshirts is this true? Or can I use the same technics
    and cholours? Thanks for answer :-)

  10. Alex GoPro01-06-2015

    Hey guys I am getting a new screen printing channel going..have a look :)

  11. brainnya01-06-2015

    Grate video, but really it could be 4 mins not almost 10. Seriously I am
    not retarded.

  12. RentAnEducation01-06-2015

    How do you make the transparency?

  13. Ryonet01-06-2015

    usually screen printing, on large automatic printing machines.

  14. ab2kassang01-06-2015

    i love this video. it inspired me alot. when are you coming to Africa.

  15. Ryonet01-06-2015

    It’s the same process but not something that we’ve been able to tackle yet.
    We’re based much more in the textile industry and can’t really help you
    with this. Good luck though and thanks for watching.

  16. Daniel Pena01-06-2015

    at 2:09 he sez “mayshur it up!” lol

  17. Jade Mcgee01-06-2015

    Honestly I think you just didn’t explain it on the comments because you
    wanted people to buy the video Smooth.

  18. MichaelDeMichele01-06-2015

    thank you so much for showing us this. this is such a creative process.

  19. Tyron Si01-06-2015

    how can you print the shadings? is it separated also? I mean separate
    screen for shadows or something?

  20. mokuni01-06-2015

    i have a serious question Ryan, now i know i need a postscript printer and
    or file to print true halftones, if i download adobe universal postscript
    file for windows, will that work?> cause i have photoshop and adobe
    illustrator and in AI in the print dialog box it gives me the option to
    select post script but it wont let me choose it.

  21. gemenesis01-06-2015

    what is curing?can you use iron for curing?

  22. Ryonet01-06-2015

    If you print with plastisol ink (most printers do) you can’t air dry it. It
    needs to reach a temp of of 320 degrees.

  23. fruit of victory01-06-2015

    He is talking to people with no experience or education, you can’t use
    technical terms or industry lingo as it would not appeal to potential new
    customers. I feel sorry for know it all’s like you, because in the end you
    know nothing…

  24. Sly DelVecchio01-06-2015

    You are wrong. I purchased the Ryonet 6 color, 2 station press kit on eBay
    about 2 months ago. I screen printed once in high school about 15 years
    ago. Basically, I have NO knowledge of screen printing. Everything that I
    have learned, I learned from these videos and then applying it. There are
    many new things that I learn daily. Ryan’s videos are by far the best. He
    is a great teacher and entrepreneur. You shoud feel as lucky as I do that
    he shares his knowledge. Thank’s Ryan.

  25. WillDee8701-06-2015

    wouldnt the red ink stick to the screen of the black ink? if u dont flash
    dry it?

  26. robertleehilton01-06-2015

    I would cure it after the first print personally. The wet inks only wont be
    touching if you have registered it correctly the first time – as most of
    the people starting out wont have the experience of thousands of prints I
    would flash cure them at first – I mean if you were that confident why use
    the reggie marks anyway. Good video though – very well narrated.

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