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How to make a 4 color screen printing press

Learn how to make a four color screen printing press, based on plans from
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And check out for the free plans that this build was based on.

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  1. renderuthis01-06-2015

    There is no way these arms are going to be close enough for screening. You
    need to cut length after they are installed and mark length when you spin
    it into place. The way you drill your pilot holes for the hinges they are
    going to move when you put in the screws. Get some of these

  2. doubleddrummer01-06-2015

    man this is pretty awesome, and i have a regular one out of steel, that if
    i knew how to do this, i probably would have built one instead of buying
    one. I would love to see someone, build one of these with registration. lol

  3. SwankeyMonkey01-06-2015

    Great video. Thank you for making this.
    Would love to have seen added, what screens can be used, or sources where
    to get proper screens. Also, proper ink/paints to be used or sources to get
    them. Maybe even a quick demonstration of technique (apart from later-view,
    full video links), just for the sake of completeness.
    I understand that this is a “making” video, but those of us who come to
    these type of videos are interested in the whole process, and would like
    just a little more help beyond the build.
    Again, thank you for making this vid, and any info or response.

  4. fhulgz gallogo01-06-2015

    wow mate. This is really cool. I love to make stuff too. I will make like
    this for my printing business. But sad to say, I don’t have the tools like
    you have, the wood cutter, those heavy duty metal drills. But I will try to
    make using only a traditional hand saw :( tiring and not accurate.
    Again a very nice video, it inspires me more. Hope to see more from you.

    Edit: I’m glad I found the layout in your site.

    Request: Can you make a cool silk screen stretcher? That would be awesome.
    Made of wood too.

  5. Meel Rm01-06-2015

    How I can get flat and its components? 

  6. Stephen Arnold01-06-2015

    Bob – so much gratitude for your video and guidance! I have successfully
    built your version of this press, and am ready for printing. Just picked up
    screens and ink yesterday!
    I wanted to add that when I drilled holes in my C clamps, I drilled two –
    close together in order to avoid the jb weld – on a drill press slowest
    speed using a little bit of oil (just motor oil) – and my cuts went super
    fast. Like less than 20 seconds.
    Also, I was thinking about making the platen large enough for the whole
    screen to rest on – don’t know if this is completely necessary for most
    applications, but would allow for maximum printable area given the screen
    size. (using the 20×24″ aluminum frame screens like you too. )
    THANK YOU in the highest and best way bro!
    STeve ARnold
    Winnipeg, Canada

  7. Rouverius01-06-2015

    Wow. great build. Would love to see a followup with the press in action
    seeing issues that come up with it and the final product that you can get.

  8. Rasheed khasbolat01-06-2015

    thanx body this video was a great help for me.Although there were some
    technical problems in keeping the screens at the right angle but I am
    trying to figure them out by replacing some parts with iron.

  9. Ian Catapusan01-06-2015

    So great!!! It helps a lot….

  10. Rohit Pandey01-06-2015

    really awesome and helpfull

  11. Amra01-06-2015

    Thank you for taking the time to mention where you got your plans and ideas
    from, giving credit where its due is an important part of being an honest
    maker, and too often people “forget”to mention their inspiration. So I
    applaud you for that! Great project, keep up the good work!

  12. KapEffects01-06-2015

    this was so so sooo helpful, thank you so much!!
    , now i have a summer project to do, once i get my silk screen material

  13. frank renteria01-06-2015

    one question whats the average cost to build this printer compare to a
    store bought one?

  14. ThoperSought01-06-2015

    this one was also very interesting!

    I have one question: about centering the holes, so that the other pieces
    line up right, would it just be a lot more work to do that with your cnc?
    it seems like the accuracy would be higher—but then, significant accuracy
    with wood doesn’t seem to be much of a thing…

    I’m assuming you could line up an edge on pins in the holes you have in the
    base plate on your cnc.

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, if you have time.

  15. wrathofkimunleashed01-06-2015

    Great video! Is it cheaper to make your own than to buy one?

  16. onick crystal01-06-2015

    HI bob… can you make another one?can you make 4 colors 4 stations? thank
    you and God bless…

  17. Liam Dickinson01-06-2015

    where does he have room to keep all this stuff he makes?

  18. M.Night20701-06-2015

    Bob, if you care, heres a tip for the eye bolts. Take an eye bolt and grind
    it to match either you drill or impact driver chuck then cut out enough of
    the eye to fit onto other eye bolts so you can use power. Just a tip

  19. Hauke Schmiegel01-06-2015

    Is it easy possible to add 2 more colors? Or need to change much for it?

  20. DeCloonArt01-06-2015

    Anyone knows the music on this?

  21. MaxxFordham01-06-2015

    So… hmm… I was hoping you would have shown us actually printing onto a
    shirt. Will you please make a video of that next?

  22. StellaDave01-06-2015

    Awesome awesome video and very well built!

  23. SkoobyDoo01-06-2015

    man, I was really looking forward to seeing it in action.

  24. Carlos Becerra01-06-2015

    great video, I want to ask you give me the steps to make it. thanks-
    my email is
    Greetings from Colombia

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