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– What is search engine optimization?
– Take SEO seriously, don’t dabble
– Anyone can do SEO!
– SEO and ROI (return on investment)
– What is possible, and what is not possible with SEO
– Onsite and offsite SEO
– Different search engines
– How search engines work
– Robots, spiders and crawlers
– Organic vs. Paid search results
– Many YouTube videos about SEO are wrong or out of date
– Google keeps changing — penguin and panda
– Over optimization hurts
– What is a web server?
– Index.htm – the home page
– PageRank
– Link juice
– Are you paying for past SEO mistakes?

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  1. Robert Spiller02-03-2015

    Dave, this is just a great video for one to learn the basics of SEO. If
    this is part of your video series, then count me in. Yes it was long, but
    very informative, so those comments that mentioned how it was too
    long….well there is a fast forward technique…just skip around the video
    lol…seriously. Thanks for this, and I have subscribed, and I’m looking
    forward to more.

  2. Bradley Tomkins02-03-2015

    David, this is a quality SEO video. You explained this well.

  3. Bharath Sanna02-03-2015

    Hi Dave, say I have a website of 2 year old, with an average content, if I
    do seo, then how days it will take to get my webpage in first page of
    google? any rough idea is good.

  4. Nuchy Mandel02-03-2015

    talking about being up to date, is THIS video up to date? (March – 2013)

  5. LOL ACCS02-03-2015

    Free League of Legends Accounts UPDATED ALL THE FUCKING TIME! on my channel
    c: a lot of level 30s

  6. Rajiv Verma02-03-2015

    Undoubtedly the best information about SEO available so far.Hats off to you

  7. Guo xiaoyan02-03-2015

    should to know……

  8. Lauren Pettigrew02-03-2015

    I have to side with you on this one. I also want to mention that I use
    youtube to drive more visitors to my site since i am a full-time youtube
    marketer. I find this video very informative! I’d recommend that you go to
    my channel on youtube to find out more about what you can do for the
    benefit of your online business *(how to get more traffic, channel
    popularity, boost revenue, and much more..)*

  9. surajit paul02-03-2015

    Can you please provide me the contact details of kolkata branch..

  10. Srinivasa char A V02-03-2015

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial about CEO and useful information !

  11. MMilas Marketing Inc.02-03-2015

    Do you think it’s important to have an AdWords campaign while developing
    your SEO campaign?

  12. revolution02-03-2015

    Like the way you explained SEO

  13. Gio Gionta02-03-2015

    Thanks for the seo tips

  14. slkkss02-03-2015

    Dave you’re the man 

  15. Rajesh Rauniyar02-03-2015

    SEO tutorial for beginners explains how to search engine optimize a web
    site for higher Google ranking results

  16. Sripani SEO02-03-2015

    SEO can be understood by this kind of videos and with doing research along
    with a personal seo coach so that every seo is made sure that he always
    maintains white hat techniques and never cross the line (

  17. My Link Building List.com02-03-2015

    Would had liked a little more images in the video, so that the concepts
    would be easier to grasp. Good one overall. 

  18. Alina Cobuz02-03-2015

    well… I know I spent an hour and didn’t learn anything…

  19. So Cal Small Biz02-03-2015

    Hi David I really like the way you delivered the SEO information. It
    definitely clarified a few things for me. Thank you for explaining a
    difficult subject is a nicely simplified way. 

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