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Search Engine Optimization crash course

Artem talks about basics of search engine optimization (SEO) in Oulu University. In this short talk students learn about basics of SEO and importance of content.

Artem describes process of optimizing content for SEO. Beginners who know little of search engine optimization will benefit most from this video.

Tools mentioned during the talk:
– Google AdWords keyword planner:
– Open Site Explorer:
– Google Analytics:
– Google Webmaster tools:

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  1. Janne Tind02-15-2015

    bla bla… after 42 min I’m still waiting for something solid.

  2. My Blogger Task02-15-2015

    Really Awesome Video for Basics SEO. +LumoLink 

  3. Michael Mignogna02-15-2015

    I, personally, find this guy to be hilarious. Great video. Tough crowd…

  4. Sunil Mange02-15-2015

    Very Nice… i am not sure if the advance ones are available or no..
    Please be my guest when you come to India.

  5. Antonio Ribeiro02-15-2015

    Thank Artem,, I enjoyed,,,, When in Brazil be my guest – Antonio 

  6. Cristian Margiotta02-15-2015

    Thanks Artem! I enjoyed and learned a lot – you’ve put some order in the
    chaos! Simple and without too much nerdy and over sophisticated blablabla!
    Go ahead with the growth of your ‘authority'; I’m you’re amused and thirsty
    listener! (-:

  7. Get Cash For My Home02-15-2015

    One hour of personal stories. Please change the title of this video.

  8. The Oven Guy02-15-2015

    Tough crowd bro

  9. Ajay Rajan02-15-2015

    Great presentation. Really liked the style, couldn’t see the links though
    as the camera wasn’t focused on them.

  10. Anna Morris02-15-2015

    very interesting information Lumol. I have just started to build an Amazon
    website and I also want to include a Blog section of the website. I think
    you really explained it well in saying it is vital write content.Enjoyed
    the lecture and you kept it interesting and easy to understand. Thankyou!

  11. 505internetmarketing02-15-2015

    Nice video, but you could give more information earlier in the video so we
    dont have to wait so long, but over all a nice and very well done video,
    keep up the good work.

  12. Media & Marketing Solutions02-15-2015

    Thank you for the lecture. Hope we can move forward
    Fabio – Media Marketing – Brazil

  13. Ben Reel02-15-2015

    wow that is bad i came here to get practical seo methods….Get it together

  14. D-Kay Videos02-15-2015

    Loved your way of presentation, which is experience based rather than
    simply educational. Thanks…

  15. King Internet Design02-15-2015

    Very educational course about SEO from a very nice russian guy.

  16. Francis Raj02-15-2015

    Was good n clear to understand for learner like me…. Thnx

  17. Alfie Haydon02-15-2015

    amazing lecture, found it hilarious, but very stubborn crowd!

  18. Dylan De Jonge02-15-2015

    Great lecture Artem! Enjoyed the jokes and content.
    Loved the quote “Content: the currency of the internet” a lot!

    Thank you! 

  19. Philippa Seymour02-15-2015

    I love this guy. he really made me laugh while learning. It was easy

  20. Bradley Tomkins02-15-2015

    Artem really nails this SEO talk. Thaks for sharing.

  21. Richard Lopez02-15-2015

    enjoyed your video thank you .

  22. Kimela Kluthe02-15-2015

    I am a complete novice and I thought you presented some great information –
    maybe too basic for someone who isn’t a beginner. I teach too, and I felt
    sorry for you with this crowd. They were tough!! You did a great job with
    humor and content.

  23. Gayatri Sarkar02-15-2015

    Love the presentation, my company is trying to work on SEO, would like to
    touchbase with you,please let me know how.

  24. Mark Reyes02-15-2015

    You made reference to getting links… how do you get them?

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