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  1. SelestineArts02-17-2015

    Full COlot silkscreen printing (CMYK Process)
    #tshirtprinting #silkscreenprinting 

  2. shahid sheikh02-17-2015

    I,m a color master”I Like your photo print i am coming your
    country so give me visa

  3. jason avery02-17-2015

    how to make color separation for screen ??? reveal some special stuff? what
    software to use?

  4. ElPaso TX02-17-2015

    Nice! I’d love to add that to my services someday

  5. Bandidong Maharlika02-17-2015

    panu e edit ng mga design na yan?

  6. The Gotcha88802-17-2015
  7. DROIDZ DC02-17-2015

    paano po ba magsimula ng ganyang t-shirt printing..

  8. Anastazia Woletz02-17-2015

    How do you make the actual screens though?

  9. saúl hérnandez lisboa02-17-2015


  10. 6moneymaker202-17-2015


  11. John StarLord02-17-2015

    saan ba pweding mabili ang plastisol na ink sir ? beginner pa lang po ako .
    i need more help .

  12. Tuan Nguyen02-17-2015

    is that plastisol ink?

  13. George Swinton02-17-2015

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  14. mohamed aljawder02-17-2015

    I did already register in your forums . can you make video about how
    stretching stencil manually for cmyk printing please? another thing what
    is the angles you did use to print the positive films (cmyk) using accurip?
    I mean did you use for each color different angle or you did use 22.5 for
    all (CMYK) films and flashing in between each print? 

  15. Elie Kidlat02-17-2015

    how make the 4 silk frame sir? thanks.
    this is a good work.

  16. Dangle Supply02-17-2015

    Would you be willing to print shirts for money?

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