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Yozio Releases First Organic Mobile Growth Platform

SILICON VALLEY, Calif. (PRWEB) January 07, 2015

Yozio is coming out of stealth to help companies grow their mobile apps without advertising. The company has built the industry’s first Organic Growth Platform to address the problems that every mobile team faces – increased competition for app discovery, rising prices for installs in the ad market and high post-install abandonment rates.

Organic installs present a massive opportunity for apps to grow. Yozio proprietary data shows that 40% of our customers’ installs come from email, SMS, mobile web and social media. Yozio is working with over 50 customers including Pinterest, Eventbrite and Wanelo.

“With Yozio, our customers have driven over 30 million free organic installs,” says Lei Sun, CEO of Yozio. “This contradicts conventional wisdom that the vast majority of installs must come from app store discovery or advertising.”

Most companies ignore this massive organic opportunity for mobile app growth because they lack valuable data due to limitations on data passing through the app stores. The Yozio Platform solves this problem by passing actionable data, such as click source and campaign, to apps at the point of install.

Yozio has built a real-time data pipeline and machine learning infrastructure at petabyte scale to power:

Closed loop attribution of impression, click and install
Personalization of in-app experience
Competitive benchmarking
Analytics and segmentation

With Yozio, customers can identify which campaigns and channels are working, optimize messages and content to increase free installs. For example with Yozio, Pinterest has seen a sizable increase in iPhone app downloads, which they’ve been able to intricately and accurately measure, resulting in better user experiences and more informed product decisions.

Yozio has raised $ 1.6 million dollars in seed funding from Illuminate Ventures, Webb Investment Network, AME Cloud Ventures, Eric Reis and Sean Ellis.

Lei Sun (CEO) and Li Hong (CTO) founded Yozio. Previously, Lei worked on growth and personalization at Netflix and Yahoo. Li Hong founded a number of startups including Kiji which exited to RenRen. Later, Dane Holewinski joined the team as COO from Greystripe where he built a network of over 10,000 apps.

Companies who want to increase mobile organic growth for their apps can get started for free at

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